Are You Truly Reading the New Testament? (Part 1)

When I hear a Christian speak against the Old Testament, I think to myself that Christian is not even

reading, truly reading, the New Testament!

He is not paying attention to everything it says, even as the Jews read the Law, the Prophets, and the Psalms, yet, missed what it said about the Messiah and crucified Him when He arrived.

When Christians say:

  • the Old Testament never saved anyone,
  • the New Testament Church should not be in the Old Testament,
  • the Old Testament was only for Israel,
  • the Old Testament was outward and the New Testament is inward,
  • giving people a whole Bible just confuses them, and
  • the Old Testament is only useful for admonitions and illustrations,

they show that they are not reading every word of the New Testament, and that they do not understand the New Testament.

In future postings, I will show you from the New Testament, which Christians cannot ignore the Old Testament, and why they must know it well.

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