Are You Truly Reading the New Testament? (Part 2)

Can We Read the New Testament By Ignoring the Old Testament? 

What do you think of condensed Bibles?

Do you remember the Reader’s Digest Bible? They claimed that they had reduced the Bible by 40%, and part of what they cut were the parts that warn against tampering with the word of God!

Have you heard of the “Jesus Seminar” Bible? The seminar did the same thing as the Reader’s Digest Bible, reducing the Bible in size, because they believe certain parts are not authentic, or merely duplication, or some other problem, as they perceive it.

If you are like me, that outrages you that mere mortals think they can re-do the work of the Holy Spirit!

What about the church; do we want a condensed Bible? Yes, we do, but no one objects to it, instead many endorse it and want preachers to preach that way.

Many Christians do not want any preaching or teaching from the Old Testament, but without realizing it, they must also exclude much of the New Testament, if not the whole New Testament, when they make this request.

In succeeding posts I will show you just how connected the New Testament is to the Old Testament.

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